2015 Final GOP Debate Recap

The final GOP debate before the New Year wrapped up last night and we saw Chris Christie back on the main stage, Donald Trump promising to build a “great wall,” and a battle between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Overall, it was a rather tame debate. I think if you were still up in the air about which candidate you support, this debate didn’t do much to convince you. I also think it’s safe to say that at this point, after the 5th debate, that you probably already have a nominee who you want to see as the president and further debates won’t radically make you change your mind.  Here’s a recap of last night’s debate and a run down about the candidates who might actually have a shot at this whole presidency thing.

Chris Christie appeared on the main stage again after pushing himself into the headlines recently, but didn’t give an outstanding performance, certainly not enough to convince potential supporters to back him or vote for him. He can hold his own in a debate, that is for sure, and his experience makes him more qualified for the job than many of his fellow candidates. Christie’s glaring problem is that he mentions his law background and his home state every other sentence. Being proud is one thing, but it seems to me that his only claim to fame is New Jersey, but that ride can only last so long. I don’t think he will be earning more support any time soon.

Carly Fiorina garnered a lot of positive attention after her first debate, and after that was catapulted onto the main stage. After that, she was slowly climbing in the polls, but now she’s stalled and no one seems to be taking her seriously. I’m all for girl power, but she’s playing the feminism card way too much. She’s focusing too much on the fact that she’s a woman, and less on her policies and ideals. For that reason, I don’t see her going anywhere fast.

I was a huge fan of Ben Carson early in the election season, but since then I’ve stopped shouting it from the rooftops. Carson was promising because he’s a regular guy, he isn’t a politician, and he’s incredibly smart; those things can’t be debated. Since his first shining debate performance, it seems like he’s been on an apology tour after a series of disparaging comments. He’s proved time and time again that he has no knowledge about foreign affairs or any key policy issues. At last night’s debate, he even turned down moderator Wolf Blitzer’s request for him to interject into the conversation between Rubio and Cruz, which further proved to me that’s he’s still incredibly uncomfortable speaking on such issues.

Donald Trump is still leading by a pretty significant margin in the polls, but Cruz and Rubio are gaining quickly. It’s honestly shocking to me that Trump has lasted this long simply by his racist commentary and ignorance on foreign policy. His debate performance wasn’t worth writing home about, but the GOP is starting to squirm when they realize Trump really could be their candidate. They even resorted to trying to convince Mitt Romney to throw his hat into the ring again, but he vehemently declined.

The GOP’s best bet is either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. They both had an outstanding debate performance and constantly demonstrate that they have a firm understanding of government and foreign policy and the right personality to run the country. They differ on some principles, but they are the most closely aligned with conservative ideals. It’s rumored that Hillary Clinton’s camp is most nervous about Rubio, probably because he has the potential to steal minority votes from the Democrats.