God Will Fix This

America was attacked on Wednesday. Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, a married couple with a young daughter, walked into a social services center in San Bernardino, California and opened fire.

This was Farook’s place of work. It was their holiday party, in fact, and he and his wife arrived dressed for battle, and opened fire, killing 14 people and injuring 21 others. Later that day in a shootout with police, they were killed. They left behind a now orphaned 6-month-old daughter, family who didn’t see this act coming, and millions mourning the senseless act of terror carried out on American soil.

At first, the motive was unclear. Some even said it was a case of workplace violence, but the word terrorist soon took over when it was discovered that the couple had ties to ISIS and a stockpile of enough of weapons to kill hundreds of people. While we aren’t yet sure if their attack was a direct order from ISIS, we know that Malik had pledged her allegiance to ISIS on a Facebook account she held under an alias.

Co-workers and family alike can’t imagine how Farook could have escalated to murdering innocent people when they only knew him as an average co-worker, brother, and dad. He was born and raised in California, and was a devout Muslim. He memorized the Quran and attended mosque with his brother regularly; until he didn’t.

Last July, he went to Saudi Arabia and returned with a fiancée. They had met on an online dating website. He was looking for a traditional Muslim woman. Malik arrived on a fiancée visa, went through the proper screening process, and they were married a month later. Malik was more mysterious to Farook’s family. She wore a hijab constantly and spoke very little. Her background is still mysterious to authorities, although we now know about her ties to ISIS.

Everyone had a reaction to the massacre, and everyone offered their opinions. Politicians weighed in with their proposed solutions, and how it could have been prevented. Some think we need stricter gun laws. Some target immigration laws. Others think mental illness should be the focus. Debates sparked on the news, between liberals and conservatives, and among friends on Facebook. Who is to blame? How can we stop it from happening again, and most importantly, what do we do now?

The most shocking reaction has to be the New York Daily News headline. In big, bold letters taking up their whole front page, was “GOD ISN’T FIXING THIS.”

Before we discuss that, let’s talk about political correctness. To be absolutely candid, it is destroying the country. We all must walk on eggshells, never state our opinion unless it is the popular one, and must never, ever, offend a single soul. Those are the rules. America is so politically correct that news anchors were afraid to even imply the attack in San Bernardino was an act of terrorism. The words “Muslim” and Islam” were said in hushed tones and the topic was danced around throughout the coverage. God forbid anyone be accused of being racist. Low and behold, it was terrorism, which we know now. They were both Muslim. They both had ties to ISIS. But everyone was afraid to say it. What if we offended someone?

Political correctness could even be blamed for this attack. No, seriously. In the weeks leading up to the attack, neighbors noticed suspicious activity. No one reported it, however. When asked why they wouldn’t tell someone, anyone, about this very important detail, they cited racism. They were afraid they would be labeled as racist. They didn’t want to be accused of racial profiling.

I think we are all worried about that implication these days.

Now, to the New York Daily News.  Their headline was meant for shock and awe, to sell papers. We know that. And it worked, because we are all talking about it.

They poked fun at anyone, most importantly the politicians, who offered prayers in the aftermath. They taunted the belief that prayers work, and made those of us praying and offering prayers look silly. As if our beliefs are ridiculous. They openly declared war on Christianity. They think prayers do nothing, and that to make a real impact, one must “do” something.

The kicker is, you can do both. You can pray while “doing” something. It’s not fair to condemn praying as a reaction to tragedy but not condemn discussions about gun laws.

The headline in itself is ridiculous, because God can indeed fix this, and he already has done so. God has given us solutions before; Christ. He sent his Son to die for our sins and bring redemption to the world. Just because bad things happen, doesn’t mean God isn’t present. Who knows what he is protecting us from that we don’t know about.

Maybe one day Christ will return and further “fix” us. He will fix the human race. Maybe he will bring an end to violence. Until then, pray. It isn’t in vain.