Kim is back, back again

Well, we can’t seem to escape Kim Davis. At this point, she’s practically a household name. Either she’s spoken about with disdain or celebrated for her stance against “the man.” If you’re wracking your brain trying to remember who she is, I’ll give you a quick recap.

Kim Davis is a Kentucky county clerk who is responsible for issuing marriage licenses to happy couples getting ready to say “I do.” Kim Davis is a Christian, and she believes same-sex marriage is wrong and a sin against God. Up until a few months ago, this fact didn’t interfere with her day to day duties as a county clerk; that is, until same-sex marriage was legalized across the United States and she was brought face-to-face with a same-sex couple looking to get their marriage license. She refused to issue them a license because of her beliefs, which spiraled into the side-show act that we now have in our midst. Many conservatives rallied behind her, including GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, and she was even jailed for refusing to do her job. She was released from jail after a few days and went right back to her post, where she passed off the marriage license duty to her office minions and holed up in her office, away from cameras and press.

She was fading from the spotlight, but now she’s back and she’s been touched by the Pope. No, really, she actually hugged him. During Pope Francis’ visit in the United States last week, he had a secret meeting with Davis and her husband. We only heard about this today, from Davis and her legal counsel. For a while, the Vatican didn’t make a comment in any direction, and then, all of a sudden, they confirmed that the meeting did take place. I know, pictures or it didn’t happen. According to the Vatican, a photographer was on hand along with the Pope’s security and official photos will be released by the Vatican at some point. The Vatican hasn’t said much else.

According to Davis, during their meeting, the Pope embraced her and asked her to pray for him, and commended her for standing her ground. Their meeting lasted about 15 minutes and he even gave Davis rosary beads for her Catholic parents.

So what’s the deal? This pope has been hailed as the “cool pope.” He seemed progressive and understanding and loving of all people. On the same hand, he is still a Roman Catholic individual, and those ideals are firm, especially for the Pope. But why go out of his way to meet with Davis, especially in secret? This makes it more disconcerting. I think the pope’s time could have better been served meeting with those less fortunate (which he did make some time for), or even kids in hospitals fighting for their lives. Why Kim Davis? Maybe we’ll never know.