What is the line between religion and law?

There are a couple of platforms that the Republican Party takes that doesn’t bode well with voters. Same-sex marriage, birth control, abortions, religion, and the like. Right now I want to focus on same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage is now legal nationwide. Many Republican politicians were supportive of the court’s ruling and offered vague words of support. But some others were vocal about their dismay. They are religious and firm in their beliefs, and they believe that marriage is exclusively between a man and a woman, and that homosexuality is a sin.

Everyone is entitled to their beliefs. We were built on the freedom of our country, and are fortunate enough to be afforded our opinions and beliefs and are able to share them with fellow citizens. So where is the line drawn between religious beliefs and the law?

Enter Kim Davis. Kim Davis is a Kentucky county clerk who is firm in her religious beliefs. Same-sex marriage is wrong. She began refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. After back and forth with the federal court and the threat that she could be thrown in jail, she was. Davis remains in jail and has become something of a martyr for other conservatives who agree with her position. Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has been especially vocal about his beliefs and stands behind Davis and her refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

Regardless of your beliefs, Kim Davis broke the law. What she did is equivalent to not letting someone sit at the counter of a bar because they are black. The law isn’t up for interpretation, no matter what an individual might think about said law.

This is where Republicans lose voters, mostly young voters. Are progressive Republicans a thing? I think they are. I personally am a registered Republican. I believe in their fiscal positions, even though I don’t believe with the social ones. I can get past the fact that I don’t agree with every position they have. Some young voters can’t.

Same-sex marriage shouldn’t be a hot topic platform now. It’s legal, the court has made that ruling already. There’s no need to continue the discussion. Some candidates have recognized that and if asked about same-sex marriage, offer up vague, polite words that say they believe in the law and that’s the way it is. Sometimes they add that people are equal no matter what.

What will happen to Kim Davis? Will they let her out of jail even if she continues to refuse to issue same-sex licenses? After all, it is the law.