On today’s episode of “What Grinds My Gears” – Obama and Grumpy Cat. What? You read that right.

Barack Obama continues to make a mockery of the position of Commander in Chief of the United States of America. First it was refusing to give up his Blackberry. Then it was the late-night talk show appearances, parading around like some sort of teen heartthrob. There were signs of anti-patriotism, especially from the First Lady who refused to pledge allegiance to the Flag. There are so many more but instead of opening up that can of worms, I want to focus on what is happening now, with Grumpy Cat, and how it related to the current presidential campaign.

We’re all familiar with Grumpy Cat. The lovable and sad cat who pattered her way into our hearts with her signature frown. Surely a house cat doesn’t have much interest in politics, but Obama brought her into the political ring when he compared her to Republicans, saying they are gloomy. Don’t we all love a sweeping generalization? I know I do. Too bad we would be crucified for making sweeping generalizations about other groups of people in the US, but I digress.

He went on to do his best Grumpy Cat impression, saying the Republicans are “down on America” and we have “made great strides” despite Republican politicians. He was met with a round of applause and cheers from the crowd. Republicans live in the “Twilight Zone” and that things were much worse in 2008. Obama single-handedly caught Osama Bin Laden! He created jobs! He is our Savior!

Not so fast. Putting everything else aside and just focusing on this snippet of commentary, Obama is being a fierce hypocrite. He’s trying to turn the tables on the Republicans and blame them for everything that is wrong with this country, and throwing in jabs at George W. Bush while he’s at it. People so easily and quickly forget what things were really like before Obama took office. They forget that Bush helped us through one of the worst events in American history. They forget that faced with a Congress that was controlled by Democrats, he was shut down on changing key issues. Unlike Obama who abuses his power and makes playground bully threats, Bush didn’t use his veto power to undermine our political system.

Here’s hoping America does their homework and puts a Republican in office this time around.