Why do millennials love Bernie Sanders?

Millennials are a long sought after demographic that candidates have wanted to collect for years. That age bracket, 18-29, is hard to relate to. Candidates from both parties struggle to appeal to these young men and women. I myself am a millennial. I see the ads online, the T.V. spots, the social media campaigns. We’re being urged to “Rock the Vote,” to get involved in politics, and to support a candidate. Millennials make up such a large portion of the voting population that it’s important to grab that support. On top of that, millennials can still be swayed. We’re growing up and becoming adults. This is the time when we form our opinions, including out political affiliation and undying support for a candidate that’s either red or blue.

To me, it seems like a lot of millennials tend to lean left. As I scroll through my Facebook and Twitter feeds, I see so many posts from former classmates and friends about their support for Hillary or Bernie, or their desire for Joe to place his hat in the ring. They’re extremely vocal about these opinions, too. ON debate nights, my phone heats up with constant updates and texts among friends discussing the issues at hand. Some of these discussions are titillating. Others leave me feeling like I have whiplash as my face turns 3 shades redder than normal.

To explain why so many millennials love Bernie, I have to touch on why so many millennials seem to bleed blue. For one, the young generation tends to do what is “in,” for lack of a better term. Everyone they know is a liberal, they hear their parents talking about politics, and this outside influence has an impact. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had friends who are liberal actually yell at me and tell me I’m “not really a Republican.” “But I am,” I will stammer back. This usually turns into a feud more than a friendly debate.

They’re listening, but they aren’t understanding. At the very least, they aren’t open-minded or willing to put in the research. They regurgitate and believe what they are told. Bernie tells them he will help women, he is the voice of the voiceless, and he will help the middle class. Haven’t we heard this from just about every candidate? Of course that’s what they say. But what are their real views? What is their political history? Are they a flip-flopper who isn’t sure what party they belong to? Have they said completely contradictory things in the past?

I see hashtags scattered across social media. #feeltheBern. I see creepy tee-shirts that say, “Bernie is Bae.” Are they sure who they are voting for?